You can stay with your pet! Barbecue, self-catering, fishing OK!

【Official】Sakura Shimizu Cottage

Forest resort village where pets can stay

There is a kitchen with plenty of cooking utensils, so you can prepare your own meals.
You can comfortably use the large communal bath for free as if you were camping outdoors.
You can enjoy barbecue and rock fishing pond.

As a base for trekking

  • Large Communal Bath"Seseragi-no-yu』\

    It is a warm water that fits your body well using the famous water of Sakura Shimizu
    There is a large communal bath for men and women, a lobby for resting, and a WC.

    *Please purchase bathing tickets and towels at the administration building (shop) or Sakura Shimizu Chaya
  • Rock fishing moat

    It is a rock fish cultivated in-house in the famous water "Sakura Shimizu
    If you grill the rock fish you caught on the spot over a charcoal fire and eat it, it will be excellent!

    *Fish cannot be released.You can take them all home or bake them in the BBQ Garden or BBQ House.
  • Free dog run

    It is a lawn open space that you can use freely for ball play and dog run.
    You can run around together in the clear air of the forest.
    Because it is wide, challenge Frisbee!

    *Please observe the etiquette, keep an eye on your pet dog, and be careful not to cause an accident.
     The parties are responsible for dealing with accidents caused by pet dogs in the venue.
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25 minutes from Matsumoto Castle 15 minutes from Venus Line (Tobira Pass)

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Hotel Name

Sakura Shimizu Cottage


8961 Ishikiriba, Iriyamabe, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number

0263-31-2314 Business hours 9:00 to 17:00 Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


car:40 minutes by car from Matsumoto IC:30 minutes by taxi from JR Matsumoto Station
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Peripheral facility information

  • One-day hot spring"Hinoki-no-Yu』\

    One-day hot spring "Hinoki-no-Yu" in Tobira Tobira Onsen, Upstream of Susuki River of Usagawa.
    Matsumoto, it is a famous hot spring with a long history that is described as "Shirahone Onsen in the west and Tobira Onsen hot spring in the east", and it is a fresh hot spring with abundant hot water.
    The open-air bath in the valley spreads nature in front of you and relaxes your mind and body.

    ■Opening Hours
    10:00 to 19:00(18:30 Reception closed)

    About 18 minutes by car from Sakura Shimizu Cottage
    8967-4-28 Iriyamabe, Matsumoto City


About our facility's response to Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • Request to customers

    If you are considering using this facility, or if you have already made a reservation and are uncertain about your physical condition, please consider all the effects with yourself and decide not to use it. I would like to ask.

    For customers who have already made a reservation, even if the reservation date is within the scope of the cancellation fee, we will not charge a cancellation fee due to cancellation due to the new coronavirus infection for the time being.
    (However, reservations made through travel agencies, etc. to which the cancellation fee rules established by our company do not apply are excluded.)
    We would appreciate it if you could use it again after being healed.
  • Regarding efforts for Novel Coronavirus Disease at this facility

    At this facility, we will make sufficient efforts to strengthen hygiene in the facility and manage the health of employees so that public spaces can be used with peace of mind.
    In addition, alcohol disinfectants are available at various locations throughout the facility.
    In addition, please note that the staff will wear a mask to ensure the health and safety of our customers and to prevent the spread of infection.

    Please understand the customer.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.