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Shared facility

A day spent in nature

Sakura Shimizu Cottage guide map

Introduction in the hall

  • Large Communal Bath"Seseragi-no-yu』\

    It is a warm water that fits your body well using the famous water of Sakura Shimizu
    There is a large communal bath for men and women, a lobby for resting, and a WC.

    *Please purchase bathing tickets and towels at the administration building (shop) or Sakura Shimizu Chaya

    Business / reception hours

    Open from 5:00 to 22:00/Reception 9:00 to 19:00*During business hours of the administration building


    ■Non-business day
    Since there are irregular holidays on weekdays during the off-season, please contact us if you are going to use the hot springs for a day trip.
    (Open daily from mid-July to late August)

    ■Bathing fee
    Adult 500 yen/300 yen for children
    *Children:5 years old and under elementary school students.
    *Free for cottage guests.

    ■amenities / Facilities
    Rinse in shampoo/Body soap/Hairdryer/Toilet
  • Rock fishing moat

    It is a rock fish cultivated in-house in the famous water "Sakura Shimizu
    If you grill the rock fish you caught on the spot over a charcoal fire and eat it, it will be excellent!

    *Fish cannot be released.You can take them all home or bake them in the BBQ Garden or BBQ House.

    Opening Hours

    From 9:00 to sunset


    ■Usage fee
    500 yen/1 person(With fishing rod and bait)

    ■Rock fish
    400 yen/Animal

    ■Other charges
    Charcoal stove:500 yen/One
    Cooking fee(Handling / skewering):200 yen/Animal
  • Free dog run

    It is a lawn open space that you can use freely for ball play and dog run.
    You can run around together in the clear air of the forest.
    Because it is wide, challenge Frisbee!

    *Please observe the etiquette, keep an eye on your pet dog, and be careful not to cause an accident.
     The parties are responsible for dealing with accidents caused by pet dogs in the venue.

    Open Hours

    8:00 to 18:00


    ・No reservation or application is required.
    ・Use is limited to overnight guests.
    ・Be vaccinated (rabies / combination vaccine).
    ・No skin diseases, infectious diseases, etc.
    ・There should be no significant fleas or ticks.

    *We do not ask you to show your vaccination certificate.
     We cannot guarantee that all pets visiting the venue have been vaccinated.
  • Tennis court

    A tennis court opened in 2012.

    *Advance reservations cannot be made by email or phone.
    *Use is limited to overnight guests.

    Open Hours

    *Maximum number of characters:50 characters


    ■Usage fee
    1 coat(1 hour):Free
    Racket rental set:500 JPY

    Asphalt coat:2 sides
  • Shop / administration building

    Not as good as convenience stores and supermarkets,
    We have daily necessities, food, beverages, ice, and other small items necessary for accommodation.

    Opening Hours

    9:00 to 19:00*During business hours of the administration building


    ■Fuel / outdoor equipment
    ・Gridiron / charcoal / firewood / ignition agent / lighter / gas cylinder etc.
    ・cutlery(Disposable chopsticks,Disposable spoon / fork)
    ・Tableware(Cup / plate)*Some cottage guests are provided
    ・Wrap / aluminum foil / cooking sheet etc.

    ■Food, seasonings, beverages
    ・Rice(From 180 ml unit)
    ・snack/Salty soy sauce/oil/Yakiniku sauce/canning/seasoning
    ・juice/ice/Beer/Local sake and wine
    ・Instant system(Ramen, pasta, coffee, tea, etc.)

    ■Household goods / daily necessities
    ・Daily necessities(Toothpaste set, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc.)
     *Shampoo, conditioner and body soap provided in the large communal bath are available.
    ・Insect repellent goods(Candles, sprays, etc.)
  • Dining"Sakura Shimizu Chaya』\

    * * *Sakura Shimizu Chaya will only be open for lunch in 2022*※※

    The handmade soba made by the famous water "Sakura Shimizu" is exquisite and is a hideaway soba restaurant for Matsumoto Citizen.
    This is recommended for customers who want to enjoy fresher wild plants, rock fish, and Shinshu
    Please spend a tasteful time in the building related to Shingen

    *Meals are seasonal and subject to change.
    *We do not support allergies.

    Opening Hours

    11:00 to 15:00

    Inquiries / Reservations